Taking Stock: February 2017

Hey everyone! I found this cool blog post idea called Taking Stock.  I want to try to do this every month, to see how far I grown. I encourage others to participate because I will love to see how everybody is doing and it’s a great way to reflect over the month.

Making :  Nothing at the moment, but I need to because I love creating things.

Cooking :  I was going to cook this morning, but I cook breakfast Sunday morning before heading to Sunday School… toast and scrambled eggs with strawberry jelly! YUMMY

Drinking : Coca Cola, I need to get over this bad addiction.

Reading : Fervent A Womans Battle Plan For Serious, Specific, and Strategic Prayer by Priscilla Shirer , I love her and plan on buying and reading more of her books.

Wanting :  My List: 1) To find a better job with the same pay 2) To move out with my dog Lacii 3) To finish paying off my school debt


Looking : for some awesome (Christian) friends to hang out and have good clean fun.

Deciding : Where to go next?

Wishing : for a successful blog

Enjoying : The peace I have right now that I never had before.

Waiting : for everything God has for me. I’m waiting for my  next move, my next blessing and my next calling.

Liking : this NoBigDyl album, for-real though.. y’all need to get it.


Wondering : how long will it be to move out. I’ve been back home officially a year now, I save and save… then emergency happens. I have to save once again starting from $0.00. But I did invest in a 401k so woo!

Loving : my dog Lacii & my amazing boyfriend ‘Anthony’.

Listening : “Prove It” (feat. K.B.) by Crowder. I love this American Prodigal album because it has a mixture of Country Pop.

Considering : a Pamper Day. I want to buy myself new clothes, get a mani/pedi and go out to eat somewhere then go to the movies.


Watching : my dog cuddling on my new comforter and bed sheets.


Hoping : for a sign from God to know my next step to on my path.

Cringing : …….

Needing : clothes, I cleaned out my closet because I’ve gained *relationship weight* for the first time in my life. So I need more clothes, but at least I have my sweatpants.

Questioning : my life, pretty much.

Smelling : Nothing

Wearing : my Jordan Feliz shirt and sweatpants.

Noticing : how awkward I am.


Thinking : about my life, what’s next?

Admiring : this puffy key-chain I got from Wal-Mart.

Getting : a little worried about how long will I have to work at my crappy job to get my school paid off so I can further my education.

Feeling : Chill

Celebrating : nothing

Forgetting : life problems would be nice right now.

Pretending :  to be what I’m not so I can have some form of a social life. I’m pretty over it now.

Embracing : My God, My awkwardness and My Journey

Hope y’all enjoyed! 

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