Taking Stock: March 2017

Hey everyone! I hope you enjoy my reflection for this month. God has been opening doors for my life and I’m preparing to go into another Chapter. I’ve been praying over each step I  take and God has been faithful and supplying all my needs. GLORY TO GOD and I want you all to enjoy this month Taking Stock.

Making :  a big deal about nothing! I get so whiny and stressed when I need a nap.

Cooking : Nothing recently, I’ve been going out to eat a lot.

Drinking : Coca Cola, I need to get over this bad addiction.

Reading : Fervent A Womans Battle Plan For Serious, Specific, and Strategic Prayer by Priscilla Shirer ( In the book she said to not finish it in a hurry, but sadly I’m almost done).  Also I’ve started the book The Case For Christ by Lee Strobel because the movie is coming out next month.. I am so excited.

Wanting :   Other people to have the same joy that I have in Christ.

Looking : for a new job at the moment because I am tired of working in a warehouse and plus I’m going to school in the fall .


Deciding :  on my next step?  decisions…decisions…decisions…

Praying: (Last Month it had *wishing* but I changed to praying because God is not a genie). But I’m praying that I continue to be One with the Holy Spirit and let him guide me.

Enjoying : The prayers that God has answered recently. WANT HE DO IT?!

giphy (2)

Waiting :  for my nephew to get done playing on my PS4

Liking :  the new iPhone 7, the red is gorgeous.

Wondering :  will it be hard for me to get another job since I have locs? I’m not my hair.

Loving :  the fact that I will be going to school Fall 2017

Listening :  “Unfinished” by Mandisa… you guys really need to listen to it!

Considering :  getting the new Elevation Church album, honestly I love worship music especially POP/ROCK.

Buying :  A new backpack because I’m going back to school. Sorry like I’m really excited.

Watching :  New Girl!

giphy (4).gif

Hoping :  That God will continue to pull through…. #Unfinished

Cringing : …..

Needing :  A mental and physical break from my job, literally this heavy lifting  and 10 hour shifts are killing me.

Questioning :  like my current job… Like God is it time to move?

Smelling : This Curve perform my niece gave me for Christmas, I literally bath myself in it every morning.

Wearing : this coral top from Sears that I bought. It really compliments my skin tone.

Noticing : how hard it is to love people when people don’t agree with your faith or treat you a certain way.

Thinking : about how much I love the song by India Arie “The Truth”.

Admiring : my boyfriend, he such a great man of God.

Getting :  a bowl of ice cream and Oreos in about 30 minutes.

Feeling : exhausted.


Celebrating : GOD’S BLESSING!

raw (1)

Forgetting : that I have to go to work tomorrow, would be nice.

Pretending :  ….

Embracing : Love and Joy from my salvation. GOD DID THAT.

Hope y’all enjoyed! 

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