Taking Stock:April 2017

Hey everyone! God has really been moving in my life this month. It’s been a roller coaster, but God has kept me. HE IS GOOD. ALWAYS. But here we go ya’ll.

Making :  moves, I’m really trying to get my life somewhat in order.

Cooking :  do cereal count?

Drinking : milk.

Reading :  The Bride Who Wore White and also Delilah. I’m not sure who the authors are on top of my head. But I didn’t make the goal to read The Case For Christ before the movie came out… but I still want to read the book.

Wanting :   to hurry up and quit my job… so close! I only have a couple of days.

giphy (5)

Looking : ….

Deciding :  …..

Praying: that God deliver me out of my everyday struggles and that I continue to deny myself everyday.. I also pray my boyfriend who I’ve been dating for a year 4 months who is currently in the ministry. Also pray over my church and the little friends that I do have. And I can’t forget family.

Enjoying : the favor of God.

Waiting :  for my boyfriend to call me, he is suppose to be on his lunch break.

Liking :  the fact that I will be working part time at a church and that I get WEEKENDS OFF! WOO! WOO!

Wondering :  more like stressing… so NEXT

Loving :  the fact that Jesus died on the Cross for all our sins. In spite of the world hating him. I have a feeling I’m going to be crying all through Sunday worship service.

Listening :  “Do It Again” Elevation Church, honestly this song is powerful… I play  it all time and cry…

Considering :  doing more blog posts, I’m still new at this people.

Buying :  nothing… the only thing that’s good about that warehouse job is the pay, so I have to save money B I G time.

Watching :  Only thing I care about watching is The Case For Christ.

Hoping :  God continue to keep me and help me grow in my faith.

Cringing : …..

Needing :  Clarity,

Questioning :  everything? Like I know it’s not going the way I plan, but God is it all going your way? I want to be align with your Spirit.

Smelling : At The Beach fragrance at Bath And Body Works, I literally spell so fresh.

Wearing :  a Little Mermaid shirt.


Noticing : how that those people I called “friends” aren’t my friends.

Thinking : too much. So much anxiety on this big transition in my life.

Admiring : my boyfriend, he such a great man of God *still*

Getting :  ….

Feeling : all kinds of ways, my dog is fell asleep while listening to “Do It Again” by Elevation Church..

Celebrating : the fact that I’m going to school in the fall 2017 and also that I have a new part time job that fits with my church schedule.  I’ve prayed for all of this before I gave my life to Christ, but who new a relationship and obedience is all I ever needed. But the one thing I will continue to celebrate is God grace, mercy and love.


Forgetting : this job would be nice, I’m ready to start this new job.

Pretending :  ….

Embracing : J e s u s, like he died for us all, I’m ready for this Easter Sunday. I’m ready every Sunday.

Hope y’all enjoyed! 

4 thoughts on “Taking Stock:April 2017

  1. Even if you claim to be new at this blogging thing I find your blogs really interesting and great to read just for the inspiration. I pray that the new venture you go to after your job works out for you 😌. God bless.

    Liked by 1 person

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