Taking Stock: May 2017

(Sorry no GIFS this time!)

Making :  a change, I feel like I need to trust God more.  I need to let my life be a reflection of how a relationship with God is important.

Cooking :  breakfast after I walk my dog.

Drinking : water, but that will be on another blog post.

Reading :  The Bride Who Wore White and Delilah. I’m done buying books until I finish reading all the books I purchased haha.

Wanting :  Everything to slow done a little bit.

Looking : for apartments and houses..

Deciding :  on wedding colors……? is probably the hardest thing EVER.

Praying:  that God will forgive me and guide me. I haven’t been the best lately, I’ve been too busy and I haven’t been getting into the word. God has been blessing me, but I want my relationship to be better and I have to do better.

Enjoying :  My engagement! I haven’t posted about it yet, but I will soon.

Waiting : for God’s answer, sometimes waiting means trusting.

Liking :  my new job! I actually feel like it was a gift from God to  be able to work this job because I had no experience.

Wondering :  ? I’m done doing that because it makes me worry and stress. 1 Peter 5:7

Loving :  Everything now, it seems like chaos but I can see beauty in it.

Listening :  to YouTube videos

Considering :  a lot with wedding planning, new job and going back to school.

Buying :  nothing yet…. more like saving.

Watching :  A YouTube video about a subscriber engagement.

Hoping :  to continue to grow in faith.

Cringing :  at the fact this season of my life is going to be hard, but with the help of God it should be easier.

Needing :  Peace, Affirmations and Clarity.

Questioning :  nothing. Last month, I had so many questions for God. But I just needed to be silent and trust in him. Sometimes God is quiet and I need to be quiet also. So I can see him move.

Smelling : something stinky… it must be my dog.

Wearing :  Sweatpants and my Amazon shirt.

Noticing : a lot lately.

Thinking : about so much…. God help me.

Admiring : God’s grace and mercy. I truly don’t deserve the things he gives me. Especially the thing I’m most grateful for… the peace. But yet, God still blesses me.

Getting : a new way of thinking,

Feeling : a lot of convictions, but more so disappointed in myself.

Celebrating : celebrating my engagement to an amazing man of God. I’m thankful for having a Christ Center relationship.

Forgetting : to compare myself with other believers, I find myself in comparing ‘obedience’s’… like this Christian is not dressing modestly, So I’m doing better than them.. Or this Christian carry herself/himself better than me. Why isn’t God helping me like them? I’m forgetting the stereotypes of Christians and concentrating on the Word Of God. How God wants me to be a better Christian for his glory, for his love to show. It’s not about our works, but the works of Jesus. 

Pretending :  I’m not stressed when I want to pull my hair out.

Embracing : J e s u s , I know it’s the same. But the harder I try to live how God wants me to live. Makes me realize I’m not perfect, I cannot do it alone. Jesus Paid it ALL.

This month I’m entering a new season. God has truly been blessing me, but with that I need him more than ever because this is the time when the devil want to trip me up. I encourage everybody to stay prayerful when God is raining blessings and when you are entering a new season. I know for a fact, I’m going to experience highs and lows throughout this year. But I pray that the Lord keep me and my faith doesn’t whither.

Hope y’all enjoyed! 

2 thoughts on “Taking Stock: May 2017

  1. OMG…I am the same with books. But I’ve been good this year, just getting them from my local library!! Congrats on you engagement. AHHH its “lit”

    I’m praying that you find guidance that you want and I pray that you are able to trust it once God reveals it. Someone told me that sometimes faith is just knowing there is God. so even, when your faith withers, you have that foundation that God exist. Believing in His existence is enough.

    I can’t wait to read about your engagement

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s the smartest thing ever, I need to get me another library card. Plus that would help me save a lot of money. And thank you so much, once I can get our pictures taken care of. I want to post so much about it. And that’s really powerful what you said, AMEN TO THAT. Just knowing God is there, does make everything a whole lot better


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