5 Ways To Clear Your Mind.

There are different reasons why our mind is cluttered. If you are anything like me, you are an over thinker. Literally my mind hasn’t ever had a moment when it’s completely blank. Or in some cases, you have a lot on your plate and it’s just too much to bare. These are some ways that help me in stressful times.

  1. Listen To Worship Music: If your mind is on overload. How about you use your mind to think about the goodness of Jesus (how he died for you/how he loves you and how he doesn’t want you to do this alone). You can give him all your load and see him move in your life-like you never have before. Listening to Worship music helps me focus more on the creator than my problems. Just praising God for who he is makes my problems not so big. One of my favorite worship albums this year is Elevation Worship “There Is A Cloud”.
  2. Write: One of my favorites (hence I have a blog). Whether you are journaling or writing in your diary, that’s a good start.Also when you have bottle up emotions, write them down! Get them ALL out. Release it all on paper. You can write letters to God about how you are feeling, ask him to give you a clear mind. Restore you. Don’t forget to thank him for all he has done and what’s to come.
  3. Clean: I’m also one of those people. If my rooms a clutter, so is my mind. When I see things in order, my thoughts become in order. Plus cleaning is kind of therapeutic. You can also combine this with number 1, that’s always fun.
  4. W o r k O u t: Okay, I’m not going to lie to y’all. This is not one I typically do. But I occasionally like to play my Just Dance 2017 on my PS4. I feel refreshed after that, it is always fun to burn some steam off with dancing.
  5. Prayer: God wants you to talk to him. It’s good to talk to God about how you are feeling. He can help you more than you think. I also believe in spiritual needs and physical ones. Sometimes your mind cannot relax because you haven’t eaten or you are sick.But also it could be that God is calling you to talk to him. He has a way to fix your problems, you just have to go to him in prayer. Thank him for all he has done and ask him anything that’s on your heart…or just listen to God. Prayer isn’t always giving God a bucket list of things that you would like to see happening in your life. At times, God is trying to tell you something. Be expecting in your prayers, it shows that you are trusting in him to do something about the conflict in your life.

Once the devil has your mind, he can control your body and then even worse your spirit.The enemy loves attacking our mind, it’s the most fatal in our Christian walk. So having a clear level head is important. Focus on God. Give him your mess, Give him your stress, Give him your drama. 

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